Top 5 online writing tips you should know!


Before finalizing your work online, take a paper and pen out and just start writing. You must allow yourself to write freely. In the beginning, whether your writing is good or bad shouldn’t matter, what matters is that you just start writing.

Physical and mental condition:

It’s important to be in a physical and mental condition that allows you to write. Allow yourself to get in that space. Once you’re in that zone, you’ll be committed to writing.

Don’t give up:

Continue to write even when you’re over it. Practice makes perfect. And if you want to be a good writer, you’ll need to practice writing as often.


Don’t overwrite. Use short paragraphs to get your point across. I’d also say use short words as well.


Editing is crucial in the writing process. Once you’ve gotten comfortable in writing, the process of revising starts. By going back and editing your work; you’re essentially perfecting it before your audience views your work.


Personal Brand!

My personal brand is someone who is a determined marketer, relationship builder, hardworking that’s passionate about networking. My areas of expertise will be relationship-building, collaboration, creativity, and marketing. As someone who will be working in marketing, I think my areas of expertise will be perfect for my future line of work. My niche will be based on relationship building and creative marketing.  Someone I believe who is doing a great job of establishing his personal brand is Stefan Olander, who is VP/GM Digital Sports Nike Inc. He has a great Linkedin page and twitter account, that is certainly worth checking out. I think he is doing an excellent job establishing his brand because his message is consistent and always highlights the innovative work he is doing with Nike.

I will establish my personal brand through various mediums of communications and online platforms. First, I will build out my resume and brief bio to articulate my personal brand in a concise manner. Secondly, I will establish a social media presence which highlights my expertise and personal brand. Selena Soo, founder of a personal branding consultancy, is cited in the article “The Authentic Person’s Guide to Self-Branding” by Elizabeth Segran stated that “it is important to remain consistent across all of these channels, because your message will be more powerful if it is constantly being reinforced”. To accomplish this I will start by deleting all my social media accounts for anything that doesn’t align with my goals and personal brand. I will also establish a LinkedIn page and lastly, I will commit to taking on opportunities to network and build my personal brand.

Social Media Effective Practices we all need to know!


  • Have a goal:

    • When starting a new social media account, it’s imperative to have a goal set in mind. It’s also important to establish who your target audience and how to gain that audience. Being able to drive traffic to your social media accounts should be the goal.
  • Interact with your audience:

    • In the social media world, it’s imperative to engage with your audience. Social media is all about engaging with one another. For example, if someone tweets about their favorite show and it happens to be yours as well; why not try to engage a conversation then?
  • Sharing:

    • Although, it’s great to interact with others on social media and build a social relationship; you never want to over-share. Oversharing can certainly turn rub people off the wrong way. It’s always better to leave some sort of mystery to your audience.
  • Growing your audience:

    • There are many ways to grow your audience in the social media world. An important one would be sharing quality content that your audience can relate too. That way, your content can go viral and your audience can grow.
  • Consistent branding:

    • A brand is what your audience thinks of you. Consistent branding eventually becomes a promise to your audience in the type of product you’re offering. Consistent branding is also imperative because it helps build your social media audience.




Entertainment Journalism

Today, I’m going to be talking about the top 8 entertainment journalist in American television. These top anchors are known across the entertainment world. They provide coverage of entertainment events such as fashion, industry news, sporting, etc. Entertainment journalist also use multiple media outlets, such as on TV, the internet and the radio. The following 8 people are:

Catt Sadler:

Is well-known to be a correspondent for E! News and a co-anchor for E! News Weekend. Sadler also covers a lot of E! specials, such as the red carpet events. However, not only is Catt Sadler on our Television screens everyday on E! Sadler is also an Emmy-winning journalist who was named by the LA Times as One of the Top 10 Broadcasters of our generation.

Terrence Jenkins:

Better known as Terrence J, is currently best known for being an actor, producer, and model. However; Terrence was actually the former host of BET’s 106 & Park countdown from 2006 to 2012. And after leaving BET’s 106 & Park; Terrence joined the E! family and became the next co-anchor of E! News. Terrence is also a Communication graduate from North Carolina A&T State University.

Mario Lopez:

Best known for one of America’s favorite television sitcom in the early 90s, Saved by the Bell. Fast forward years later, Lopez’s pearly white smile is still gracing our presence through our television screens. Today, Mario Lopez is known to be an entertainment journalist for the show Extra.

Nancy O’dell:

Is a television host as well as an entertainment journalist, who is currently on the entertainment news show Entertainment tonight. Nancy O’dell has been a co-anchor of the show for many years now. However, before Entertainment tonight; O’dell worked as the lead anchor on another well-known entertainment show called Access Hollywood. Furthermore, O’dell has covered some of the most exciting events such as, The Oscars, The Grammys, The Emmys and much more.

AJ Calloway:

Also known as being the first host of BET’s music video countdown 106 & Park. However, after five years with BET’s 106 & Park; Calloway took a job with the entertainment television show, Extra.

Maria Menounos:

Is known for many things, such as being occasional professional wrestler, television host, actress, author and also an entertainment journalist. Maria Menounos is mostly known for her appearances as a TV correspondent for such entertainment shows like Access Hollywood, Extra, and the Today show. At the moment, Menounos is the host of a one-hour radio show on Sirius XM and also is currently the co-anchor at E! News.

Terri Seymour:

Is currently known to be a correspondent for the entertainment show, Extra. However, before joining to be a permanent correspondent at Extra; Seymour was a freelance reporter covering “American Idol” and then was eventually promoted to be a full-time position. Before “Extra”, Seymour was a television personality and model in her hometown, the United Kingdom. Teri Seymour was very familiar with the entertainment world, she was even a correspondent on the daytime show, “The Morning”, and was even an entertainment reporter on FOX 11s “Good Day L.A.”

Jason Kennedy:

Has been the host for E! News at E network for many years now. Some of the main things Kennedy does is that he covers national celebrity news. Kennedy has also been part of the E! network specials, such as Live from E!, E! covering the red carpet. Furthermore, he’s also been the co-anchor for E! News Weekend and has hosted the Daily 10 show. The Los Angeles Times named Kennedy to be one of ten young stars who will become a leader of the Broadcast industry.