My Twitter Analytics

Today I had the opportunity to finally download and analyze my data from twitter. If you recall, several months ago I had the opportunity to analyze my professors twitter data which I though was a very constructive assignment. This time around, I combed through my data and sorted the data file by categories looking for trends, particularly top three in many of the segments that twitter outlines for you.

While digging through the data I noticed several things which hinted to me that some of the top post were similar in nature, an insight I gained last time around. For instance, looking at my top engagement, replies, user profile clicks, and media views were all the same post. This post I am referring to asked a question “Have you gotten your workout in? I know I have”, and shared a photo of me at the gym. I think this is perfect example of letting your viewers into your world and also sharing media to drum up participation. In addition, this particular tweet used approximately five hashtags, #Fitness, #Morningworkout, #Fit, #Health, #weights, and #SMPT16.

Secondly, I noticed that my top profile clicks usually came from tweets which I shared media. In fact, out of the nine categories that I independently looked at and categorized by top three tweets, six contained media. Out of those six, five of them held number one spots.

One thing I would improve on is getting more retweets, which I failed to get any. I think one way I can improve on this is be more targeted with my tweets towards specific group and also use a targeted message which will get their attention. Perhaps, and infographic or an interesting picture. Another thing that could help is to gain more followers which I think will escalate the probability of responses and retweets.


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