Equity analyst – Mr. Hersi

Faisal Hersi, an associate equity analyst at Edward Jones here in St. Louis. Edward Jones is an investment company that serves investment clients in the United States and Canada.  An equity analyst is someone who studies and analyzes financial information and trends for an organization or an industry. A typical day, for an equity research analyst is that they concentrate on bonds, stocks and other financial reports; as well as, writing an honest equity research report.

As someone who works in a financial firm and focuses on stocks and bonds, it’s imperative to be aware of the market at all times. Mr. Hersi mentioned that one of the ways, to find out about the latest news on the stock market is not only through the news, but through social media as well. Mr. Hersi stated; that he uses Twitter to get the latest information on the stock market. What stocks went up, what stocks went to down, if there was a crash, what was the specific reason, etc. The information gathered from his Twitter eventually helps him reach a conclusion with his research reports. Mr. Hersi focuses on following, retweeting, favoring Twitter accounts that are solely stock-market related. By engaging with other stock market related accounts; it not only gives him more followers, that have the same interest but it also gives him more knowledge on what is currently going in the market. An Advice Mr. Hersi gave me was that engagement is a powerful tool, so when it comes to social media engage with others, companies, or accounts that ultimately have your interest.


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