Social Media & Copyright/Intellectual Property Laws!

Copyright/intellectual property laws are imperative to know about. It’s also important to know that you can definitely get in sued for copyright infringement even on social media. So, being knowledgeable about copyright/intellectual property laws certainly can benefit you in the long run. In addition, when it comes to social media, users should definitely be more cognizant about what he or she posts online.

  • Top 5 list of ways to not get sued for what you post online
    1. Be ware: make sure to be aware of what is and isn’t protected. It’s definitely important to do your research before posting anything online.  Make sure you understand the risks that come along with using others material and not giving credit.
    2. CCL: Creative Commons is definitely useful. You can always go on Creative Commons for a lot of content. Creative Commons license allows you to use other people’s work. However, it is still imperative to give credit.
    3. Common Sense: Use common sense. If it’s not yours don’t claim it. If an image is professionally taken, and it doesn’t belong to you. Don’t claim it.
    4. Give credit: Give credit for other people’s work. If you don’t, there’s a high probability that it will get you sued. And there’s definitely no fun in that.
    5. Be creative: You can can’t get sued if the work is yours! Be creative. Create your own work/content.



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