Social Media Analytics!

Today I had the opportunity to analyze some of my professor’s social media data, Twitter to be exact. Through the experience, I learned several things which I think I could easily implement into my twitter strategy to increase overall engagement. As I combed through the data, I noticed several things.

First, I noticed that that were emerging in the top had similarities. For example, I noticed that the top engagement, replies, likes, and user profile clicks were tweets which shared something personal, and gave a window into my professor’s life. For example, the tweet about her son’s reaction to the school’s new mascot was number one in engagement and replies. The tweet also including an adorable picture of her son crying.  Meanwhile, a tweet about a personal success (turned in tenure stuff today) ranked number one in likes and user profile clicks.

The top retweets were all tweets that engaged individuals with similar interest. I noticed that tweets aimed at journalist friends and with the hashtag #NewsEngagementDay. Also, two of the top three re-tweets which involved the audience with a question.

Overall, I learned a lot from analyzing my professor’s social media data, which I believe I can use to improve my own Twitter strategy.  I learned that in order to drum up engagement around your tweets you have to open up and share bit about your own personal life. I also learned that writing targeted tweets to individuals with similar interest will increase the probability of responses and retweets.



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