Fitness & Nutrition

  • Blog topic:
    • Exercising & Nutrition
  • Topic niche:
    • My blog would focus on pursing a healthier lifestyle.
    • Weight loss and tone tips for women – especially with busy schedules
    • Workout tips for beginners
    • Health/Nutrition tips – specifically on Paleo.
  • Audience:
    • I know how it feels to have a busy schedule and to completely forget about eating healthy and working out. This is why I want to my blog to focus on how to motivate women with busy schedules to learn about nutrition and exercise tips. For example, learning about healthy recipes, the best times to eat, work out tip that targets specific body parts and so on.

Other blogs:

    • HBFIT was created by Hannah Bronfman. HBFIT stands for Health Beauty Fitness and mainly focuses on all things related to health, beauty and fitness.
    • Paloeomg is created by Juli. She is a Paleo food blogger; however, her blog also focuses on fitness, meal plans, food and so on.
    • Blivewear was created by Belinda Smith, her blog focuses on fitness, food, family, and much more. It’s definitely a blog that empowers women.
  • Possible posts:
    • Fitness: I would like to discuss my personal experiences. Also, discuss specific workouts that targets specific body parts.
    • Nutrition: I could possibly discuss specific things to eat and not to eat in order to get better body results. Furthermore, discuss what diets work and don’t work.
    • Fitness & Health: I could go in detail why working out and eating healthy is so important. Also, go more in detail on the many health benefits in pursing a healthy lifestyle.






















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