Top 5 Twitter Writing Tips!

Write to engage:

  • Tweets should be engaging. Tweet to show off your brand personality. And even, call for actions; ask other to retweet your tweets.

Keep Your Tweets short

  • Don’t use all 140 characters. Keep your tweets simple and leave space for others to retweet you. No one ever wants to read paragraphs. That’s quite boring, if you ask me.

Reply @:

  • Use the @ symbol followed by the person’s Twitter username, in order to reply back to someone on Twitter. The conversation then appears on both the person you are having a conversation with and your timeline.

Hashtags matter:

  • Everyone on Twitter knows you must use hashtags. It allows you to engage in ongoing conversation about particular topics. Plus, when you tweet with a hashtag, your tweet becomes searchable.

Images, GIF or video:

  • GIFs or videos can be quite entertaining. Sometimes writing a funny caption doesn’t hurt too. This can dramatically increase your engagement rate for your tweets.

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