My Niche?

  • Blog topic:
    • Fitness & Health lifestyle
  • Topic niche:
    • Weight loss and tone tips for women – especially with busy schedules
    • Workout tips for beginners
    • Health/Nutrition tips – specifically on Paleo.
  • Audience:
    • My blog audience will be towards women who are looking to lose weight, get toned, stay fit and have a healthy lifestyle that consists of eating right.
    • My audience will typically have busy schedules; my blog will give them the knowledge on how to make better nutritional choices and ways to reach their body goals.
  • Other blogs:
      • HBFIT was created by Hannah Bronfman. Her blog explores anything thats related to health, fitness and beauty.
    • www.
      • Paloeomg is created by Juli, a food obsessed blogger who focuses on mainly Paleo. Her blog always covers a variety of other topics, such as fitness.
      • Blivewear was created by Belinda Smith, mother of two kids with a Bachelors in Health and Physical Education. Her blog focuses on empowering people on health and wellness.
  • Possible posts:
    • Fitness – I could talk about specific workouts that’s targets specific areas. For example, talk about to do the perfect squat but also discuss the benefits of squats.
    • Nutrition – I could talk about Paleo diet and the benefits that comes from it; especially if you’re looking to lose weight. Also, I could also mention what is considered Paleo and what is.
    • Fitness & Health: I could discuss the importance about working out and overall living a healthy lifestyle that consists of being aware of what you put you’re in body and being active.



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