Top 5 online writing tips you should know!


Before finalizing your work online, take a paper and pen out and just start writing. You must allow yourself to write freely. In the beginning, whether your writing is good or bad shouldn’t matter, what matters is that you just start writing.

Physical and mental condition:

It’s important to be in a physical and mental condition that allows you to write. Allow yourself to get in that space. Once you’re in that zone, you’ll be committed to writing.

Don’t give up:

Continue to write even when you’re over it. Practice makes perfect. And if you want to be a good writer, you’ll need to practice writing as often.


Don’t overwrite. Use short paragraphs to get your point across. I’d also say use short words as well.


Editing is crucial in the writing process. Once you’ve gotten comfortable in writing, the process of revising starts. By going back and editing your work; you’re essentially perfecting it before your audience views your work.


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