Social Media Effective Practices we all need to know!


  • Have a goal:

    • When starting a new social media account, it’s imperative to have a goal set in mind. It’s also important to establish who your target audience and how to gain that audience. Being able to drive traffic to your social media accounts should be the goal.
  • Interact with your audience:

    • In the social media world, it’s imperative to engage with your audience. Social media is all about engaging with one another. For example, if someone tweets about their favorite show and it happens to be yours as well; why not try to engage a conversation then?
  • Sharing:

    • Although, it’s great to interact with others on social media and build a social relationship; you never want to over-share. Oversharing can certainly turn rub people off the wrong way. It’s always better to leave some sort of mystery to your audience.
  • Growing your audience:

    • There are many ways to grow your audience in the social media world. An important one would be sharing quality content that your audience can relate too. That way, your content can go viral and your audience can grow.
  • Consistent branding:

    • A brand is what your audience thinks of you. Consistent branding eventually becomes a promise to your audience in the type of product you’re offering. Consistent branding is also imperative because it helps build your social media audience.





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