Personal Brand!

My personal brand is someone who is a determined marketer, relationship builder, hardworking that’s passionate about networking. My areas of expertise will be relationship-building, collaboration, creativity, and marketing. As someone who will be working in marketing, I think my areas of expertise will be perfect for my future line of work. My niche will be based on relationship building and creative marketing.  Someone I believe who is doing a great job of establishing his personal brand is Stefan Olander, who is VP/GM Digital Sports Nike Inc. He has a great Linkedin page and twitter account, that is certainly worth checking out. I think he is doing an excellent job establishing his brand because his message is consistent and always highlights the innovative work he is doing with Nike.

I will establish my personal brand through various mediums of communications and online platforms. First, I will build out my resume and brief bio to articulate my personal brand in a concise manner. Secondly, I will establish a social media presence which highlights my expertise and personal brand. Selena Soo, founder of a personal branding consultancy, is cited in the article “The Authentic Person’s Guide to Self-Branding” by Elizabeth Segran stated that “it is important to remain consistent across all of these channels, because your message will be more powerful if it is constantly being reinforced”. To accomplish this I will start by deleting all my social media accounts for anything that doesn’t align with my goals and personal brand. I will also establish a LinkedIn page and lastly, I will commit to taking on opportunities to network and build my personal brand.


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