My Twitter Analytics

Today I had the opportunity to finally download and analyze my data from twitter. If you recall, several months ago I had the opportunity to analyze my professors twitter data which I though was a very constructive assignment. This time around, I combed through my data and sorted the data file by categories looking for trends, particularly top three in many of the segments that twitter outlines for you.

While digging through the data I noticed several things which hinted to me that some of the top post were similar in nature, an insight I gained last time around. For instance, looking at my top engagement, replies, user profile clicks, and media views were all the same post. This post I am referring to asked a question “Have you gotten your workout in? I know I have”, and shared a photo of me at the gym. I think this is perfect example of letting your viewers into your world and also sharing media to drum up participation. In addition, this particular tweet used approximately five hashtags, #Fitness, #Morningworkout, #Fit, #Health, #weights, and #SMPT16.

Secondly, I noticed that my top profile clicks usually came from tweets which I shared media. In fact, out of the nine categories that I independently looked at and categorized by top three tweets, six contained media. Out of those six, five of them held number one spots.

One thing I would improve on is getting more retweets, which I failed to get any. I think one way I can improve on this is be more targeted with my tweets towards specific group and also use a targeted message which will get their attention. Perhaps, and infographic or an interesting picture. Another thing that could help is to gain more followers which I think will escalate the probability of responses and retweets.


Equity analyst – Mr. Hersi

Faisal Hersi, an associate equity analyst at Edward Jones here in St. Louis. Edward Jones is an investment company that serves investment clients in the United States and Canada.  An equity analyst is someone who studies and analyzes financial information and trends for an organization or an industry. A typical day, for an equity research analyst is that they concentrate on bonds, stocks and other financial reports; as well as, writing an honest equity research report.

As someone who works in a financial firm and focuses on stocks and bonds, it’s imperative to be aware of the market at all times. Mr. Hersi mentioned that one of the ways, to find out about the latest news on the stock market is not only through the news, but through social media as well. Mr. Hersi stated; that he uses Twitter to get the latest information on the stock market. What stocks went up, what stocks went to down, if there was a crash, what was the specific reason, etc. The information gathered from his Twitter eventually helps him reach a conclusion with his research reports. Mr. Hersi focuses on following, retweeting, favoring Twitter accounts that are solely stock-market related. By engaging with other stock market related accounts; it not only gives him more followers, that have the same interest but it also gives him more knowledge on what is currently going in the market. An Advice Mr. Hersi gave me was that engagement is a powerful tool, so when it comes to social media engage with others, companies, or accounts that ultimately have your interest.

Social Media & Copyright/Intellectual Property Laws!

Copyright/intellectual property laws are imperative to know about. It’s also important to know that you can definitely get in sued for copyright infringement even on social media. So, being knowledgeable about copyright/intellectual property laws certainly can benefit you in the long run. In addition, when it comes to social media, users should definitely be more cognizant about what he or she posts online.

  • Top 5 list of ways to not get sued for what you post online
    1. Be ware: make sure to be aware of what is and isn’t protected. It’s definitely important to do your research before posting anything online.  Make sure you understand the risks that come along with using others material and not giving credit.
    2. CCL: Creative Commons is definitely useful. You can always go on Creative Commons for a lot of content. Creative Commons license allows you to use other people’s work. However, it is still imperative to give credit.
    3. Common Sense: Use common sense. If it’s not yours don’t claim it. If an image is professionally taken, and it doesn’t belong to you. Don’t claim it.
    4. Give credit: Give credit for other people’s work. If you don’t, there’s a high probability that it will get you sued. And there’s definitely no fun in that.
    5. Be creative: You can can’t get sued if the work is yours! Be creative. Create your own work/content.


Social Media Analytics!

Today I had the opportunity to analyze some of my professor’s social media data, Twitter to be exact. Through the experience, I learned several things which I think I could easily implement into my twitter strategy to increase overall engagement. As I combed through the data, I noticed several things.

First, I noticed that that were emerging in the top had similarities. For example, I noticed that the top engagement, replies, likes, and user profile clicks were tweets which shared something personal, and gave a window into my professor’s life. For example, the tweet about her son’s reaction to the school’s new mascot was number one in engagement and replies. The tweet also including an adorable picture of her son crying.  Meanwhile, a tweet about a personal success (turned in tenure stuff today) ranked number one in likes and user profile clicks.

The top retweets were all tweets that engaged individuals with similar interest. I noticed that tweets aimed at journalist friends and with the hashtag #NewsEngagementDay. Also, two of the top three re-tweets which involved the audience with a question.

Overall, I learned a lot from analyzing my professor’s social media data, which I believe I can use to improve my own Twitter strategy.  I learned that in order to drum up engagement around your tweets you have to open up and share bit about your own personal life. I also learned that writing targeted tweets to individuals with similar interest will increase the probability of responses and retweets.


Fitness & Nutrition

  • Blog topic:
    • Exercising & Nutrition
  • Topic niche:
    • My blog would focus on pursing a healthier lifestyle.
    • Weight loss and tone tips for women – especially with busy schedules
    • Workout tips for beginners
    • Health/Nutrition tips – specifically on Paleo.
  • Audience:
    • I know how it feels to have a busy schedule and to completely forget about eating healthy and working out. This is why I want to my blog to focus on how to motivate women with busy schedules to learn about nutrition and exercise tips. For example, learning about healthy recipes, the best times to eat, work out tip that targets specific body parts and so on.

Other blogs:

    • HBFIT was created by Hannah Bronfman. HBFIT stands for Health Beauty Fitness and mainly focuses on all things related to health, beauty and fitness.
    • Paloeomg is created by Juli. She is a Paleo food blogger; however, her blog also focuses on fitness, meal plans, food and so on.
    • Blivewear was created by Belinda Smith, her blog focuses on fitness, food, family, and much more. It’s definitely a blog that empowers women.
  • Possible posts:
    • Fitness: I would like to discuss my personal experiences. Also, discuss specific workouts that targets specific body parts.
    • Nutrition: I could possibly discuss specific things to eat and not to eat in order to get better body results. Furthermore, discuss what diets work and don’t work.
    • Fitness & Health: I could go in detail why working out and eating healthy is so important. Also, go more in detail on the many health benefits in pursing a healthy lifestyle.





















Top 5 Twitter Writing Tips!

Write to engage:

  • Tweets should be engaging. Tweet to show off your brand personality. And even, call for actions; ask other to retweet your tweets.

Keep Your Tweets short

  • Don’t use all 140 characters. Keep your tweets simple and leave space for others to retweet you. No one ever wants to read paragraphs. That’s quite boring, if you ask me.

Reply @:

  • Use the @ symbol followed by the person’s Twitter username, in order to reply back to someone on Twitter. The conversation then appears on both the person you are having a conversation with and your timeline.

Hashtags matter:

  • Everyone on Twitter knows you must use hashtags. It allows you to engage in ongoing conversation about particular topics. Plus, when you tweet with a hashtag, your tweet becomes searchable.

Images, GIF or video:

  • GIFs or videos can be quite entertaining. Sometimes writing a funny caption doesn’t hurt too. This can dramatically increase your engagement rate for your tweets.

My Niche?

  • Blog topic:
    • Fitness & Health lifestyle
  • Topic niche:
    • Weight loss and tone tips for women – especially with busy schedules
    • Workout tips for beginners
    • Health/Nutrition tips – specifically on Paleo.
  • Audience:
    • My blog audience will be towards women who are looking to lose weight, get toned, stay fit and have a healthy lifestyle that consists of eating right.
    • My audience will typically have busy schedules; my blog will give them the knowledge on how to make better nutritional choices and ways to reach their body goals.
  • Other blogs:
      • HBFIT was created by Hannah Bronfman. Her blog explores anything thats related to health, fitness and beauty.
    • www.
      • Paloeomg is created by Juli, a food obsessed blogger who focuses on mainly Paleo. Her blog always covers a variety of other topics, such as fitness.
      • Blivewear was created by Belinda Smith, mother of two kids with a Bachelors in Health and Physical Education. Her blog focuses on empowering people on health and wellness.
  • Possible posts:
    • Fitness – I could talk about specific workouts that’s targets specific areas. For example, talk about to do the perfect squat but also discuss the benefits of squats.
    • Nutrition – I could talk about Paleo diet and the benefits that comes from it; especially if you’re looking to lose weight. Also, I could also mention what is considered Paleo and what is.
    • Fitness & Health: I could discuss the importance about working out and overall living a healthy lifestyle that consists of being aware of what you put you’re in body and being active.